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   Since 1980 Aquarium Service has been providing quality care for freshwater and marine animals in the Puget Sound region. In fact, Aquarium Service was the first company in this area to develop saltwater aquariums in a viable commercial maintenance environment.

   Whether you are looking to purchase, lease or rent an aquarium system or setup your existing aquarium, we can provide you with state of the art equipment, decoration and animals as well as maintenance.

   Just click on the clownfish to browse our website. You will find monthly specials in "Aquariums & Furniture" as well as a price list for the most popular setups. The specials are usually new products but some may have blemishes and will listed as such for your total understanding. Monthly specials MAY be limited to stock on hand and may not be available when you order. For your convenience contact us and ask availability. We will hold those items for three days while you make your decision.

   Standard systems include a clear backed acrylic aquarium, 30" 3/4 enclosed oak base and 7" canopy, undergravel filter, water pump, heater and heater module, air pump and air stone, standard lighting, decoration package, delivery and installation to local area.  Upgrading your standard system can be done in the special request box on the order form.

   Aquarium Service offers four programs to help you get started on your adventure. All four programs can be viewed under "Maintenance" to the left. You will also find details for invoicing in this section too.

   We appreciate your interest in our company and hope this website answers all your questions about freshwater and marine aquariums. Should you have additional questions please feel free to contact us by clicking on the appropriate clownfish. We look forward to helping you set up your new aquarium system.

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